Nutrition, Hydration & Re-Hydration

Our recommendations on nutritional products or supplementation can be seen below

We are proud to partner with SOS Hydration and would highly recommend their products as a hydration or re-hydration supplement. If you would like 20% off SOS product, then click here and use the code LEWIS20 when placing your order.

When it comes to recovery, particularly after those hard sessions, we would recommend Re-Go Rapid Recovery. The powder is easy to mix with water and works out a lot cheaper than buying individual milkshake drinks. If you prefer ‘off the shelf’ milkshakes then any type of chocolate milkshake is never a bad recovery drink.

If you like a drink before bed, then Nestle Milo is highly recommended. Not only does it taste great, it’s also got a lot of nutritional benefit and contains; Iron, which is not a common ingredient in many peoples diet. Mix it with warm milk for an even better taste!

If you’re preparing for the marathon, then you will need a fuelling strategy that works for you. The athletes we have worked with in the past have found that SIS Electrolyte Gels and SIS Caffeine Gels have worked well however, it is very much dependant on the individual and we will advise you trial your fuelling strategies before marathon race day!

As a healthier alternative to biscuits (we know everyone loves them with their tea or coffee) we have been and been recommended by nutritionists; Belvita. It comes down to personal choice as to which one’s to pick, but they seem to work wonders as a snack, particularly a couple of hours out from a training session.